The First Edition: Sept 2-6, 2016, Mallorca

Seven luminous participants hailing from London, New York City, Berlin, Brighton, Barcelona, and Geneva.

Undivided attention and open hearts and so much laughter our bellies ached.

Leaps forward as every book took shape, almost like a miracle, far exceeding my wildest expectations.

A beautiful, resounding success in every way. All photos thanks to Anja Adler.



In which the secrets to book pitches and book proposals were revealed...


*jon oisin thinking.jpg


Challenged to think deeply about the perspective of their intended audiences and the framing of their book..

*me and marcelina.JPG


Being seen, heard, and interpreted by an other. Many favorite moments happened here.




"Big kudos! The schedule of the day was absolutely right on. I enjoyed the pace. The afternoon breaks were amazing.
Having time to reflect, nap, swim, yoga, massage, write was a treasure...The food was absolutely fabulous... The location was great: It was nice to be tucked away from the world, daily responsibilities, the media, etc to be completely present and focused on the experience." 


"I feel encouraged, a sense of clarity and focus and connection to my book in a way that I didn't feel before."


"Ariane had done her homework, and brought a lot of carefully curated and personalized pro-level advice
to the one-on-one sessions. Very valuable."


"Ariane is the finest guide you could wish for through what is a more confusing world than I had ever imagined. Her presence, composure and control of the material in the masterclass sessions made them - and the whole retreat - a real treat."