There is a book in you.


Maybe you hear fragments swirling in your head, or the title came to you just before falling asleep, or you've dreamed the colors of the cover. This is the book you are intended to write, that you, in fact, must write, a book that will change your life and the lives around you. It's a book that will, in its own way, change the world.

Your book has been waiting, like the distant peak of a mountain you yearn to climb. You have hushed its call, more than once, telling yourself that you simply do not have the time, the attention, the skill. Or the courage.

During the five days of the STORIA SUMMIT, in a breathtaking and magical setting on the Spanish island of Mallorca, far removed from your regular responsibilities, we will find and clear your path, and begin the climb together.



Banner Image: Serra de Tramuntana Valldemossa, Mallorca, by Heuschrecke, under Creative Commons License