Storia 2: Oct 20-24, 2017

An abundance of applicants so qualified and fabulous it humbled me.. winnowed down to eight stellar souls. Seven came from across the US, and one from London.

Our astute publisher Tim McKee shared his profound insights by the fireplace.

One night under the open sky, an unforgettable impromptu talent show of dance and song.

Most photos below thanks to Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz.

Topics: Safety without Prisons; Women’s Leadership, Public Health; Complexity Theory; Dance; Organizational Design; Indigenous Healing

Open-air Masterclass

The Finca

Exploring town

Powerful new alliances

Fireside Sessions

Collaborative Teaching with Publisher Tim McKee

Participants’ Progress to date: A book sold to Beacon Press with publishing date February 2020; a book sold to Feminist Press with the pub date TBD. Boom. Other books/book proposals still in the works.

Selected Commentary:

"As a teacher/guide myself, I was continually struck by your keen balance of empathy and rigor as you guided each of us through our individual journeys. While my time at Storia will mark the beginning of book writing for me, I believe it marks a season of personal investment as well. I could not be happier with my choice to attend."

"Storia pushed me to re-think my book: I know what I need to do now. I really didn't expect to get so much out of it. And the one-on-one session with Ariane: mind blown."

"Storia Summit lends warmth and camaraderie around a process that may be long and lonely at times. I feel excited and positive about being able to create a book that tells a story worth sharing."