STORIA is not a traditional writing workshop for aspiring writers. Participants, like my clients, are instead accomplished and passionate experts in their fields, like leaders of campaigns and organizations, inventors, healers, philanthropists, and politicians, who intend to write a book about their work, life, ideas, etc.

Your life’s work—or, in some cases, your own life (memoir)—will be the subject of your nonfiction book. You understand that a book on this subject is vital to the future success of your worldchanging endeavors.

Only 9 spots are available. The very small size of the gathering is intentional: I want to be able to give each of you personalized insights in classes and in our one-on-one meetings, to take you as far along your path as possible.

When you work with Ariane, she immerses herself in your vision and ideas, and helps evolve your own thinking and process in powerful ways. It’s a unique, deep partnership and a true gift.”
— Ai-jen Poo, The Age of Dignity