After spending a decade directing communications for NGOs, since 2007 I’ve worked as an editorial consultant and collaborative author. I've created books with leaders and visionaries in business, education, governance, human rights, philanthropy, media, science, healing and well-being. I specialize in making complex issues accessible to mainstream audiences via appealing, compelling, and persuasive nonfiction books.

Books I've birthed include: The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard; The Green Collar Economy by Van Jones; The Age of Dignity by Ai-jen Poo; Free to Make by Dale Dougherty, and Find Me Unafraid by Kennedy Odede and Jessica Posner. Please find more about me at

Because these collaborations are intense, I only manage to serve a few people each year. Every month I turn away worthy, inspiring projects, sending people on to other editorial consultants or asking them to wait six to twelve months until I have availability. That’s why I decided to launch the STORIA SUMMIT.

Portrait photo by Dan Taylor Photography