Storia 3: Sept 21-25, 2018

An accomplished and ambitious bunch, with unparalleled kindness and commitment to a brighter world. Six came from across the US, two from Germany, and one from New Zealand/Aotearoa by way of the UK.

Nearly one year later this dedicated group is still actively exchanging updates and encouragement.

A highlight: the night Chef Scott made pizzas in the wood-fired oven, churning out dozens of flavor experiments while everyone talked books and bonded.

Photos below thanks to Tristan Copley-Smith.

Topics: Global citizenship; Leadership of Women of Color; AI + Humanity; Nature-based Coaching; Purposeful Work; Millennialism; Curation as Activism; Strategies of Female Entrepreneurs; Parent Power in Public Education

One-on-one sessions

The Joy of Pitching

Scott’s sumptuous meals

Developing a Table of Contents

Convivial evenings

Inspiration striking

Participants’ Progress to date: A crowdfunding campaign for book development surpassed its goal of EU10K. A Fellowship granted to support time off from work to write. A book proposal being shopped to agents. Several book proposals in development.

Selected Commentary:

“I could feel all the thought, wisdom, and love with which the event had been organized pouring from every moment.”

“Great for introverts, with a good balance of internal and external work.”

“As a facilitator, my hat is off to you. Perfect timing, pace, structure and content. I also appreciate the careful curation of personalities and topics in your selection process. Also appreciate starting on time and the moderation of exuberant voices to make time and space for quieter voices.”

“Just the right balance of collectivity, collaboration, intimacy and personal space. Was a blessing!”

“I thought it a very worthwhile investment. I really appreciated the attention to detail, the flow, the location, and the group.”